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Our wellness center offers 4 types of massages (30, 60 and 90 minutes)

Classical Massage

Classical Massage comes from the traditional swedish master technique of Pir Henring Link. With the swift changing of techniques with the usage of right amount of force (kneading, throbbing, shaking,..) and more gentle ones (friction, wiping, wrinkling). We use only non-irritative massage oils and lotions.

Aromatherapeutic massage

Aromatherapeutic massage merges the positive effects of classic massage with the sense of essential and plant-based oils from different part of plants such as the floret, fruits, roots, leaves, peel or wood. This type of massage supports the individual’s health, offers a relief from stress, enforces the immunity and harmonizes both the mind and the body.

The Lava Stone massage

The Lava Stone massage works with hot stones of variety of temperatures in direct contact with the body and it has been known in China, India, Mesopotamia, as well as with the ancient tribes of Incas and Mayas. The incredibly smooth lava stones are heated to a temperature variety around 55° C. 

Chocolate massage

The uniqueness of chocolate massage has been know since 2 000 years ago. Back in that time it was well known that chocolate can give a feeling of positive mood and and sense of younger skin. Chocolate massage is excellent for smoothing the skin, cellulite, detoxication and muscle relaxation.

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